Get a firm and tight butt with electrostimulation


Although a couple of years ago we couldn't imagine a device connected to our body to apply currents and produce a stimulation on the muscles, electro-stimulation has made this possible.

There are many concepts related to this technique that can cause confusion: the stimulation frequency, duration and intensity of the pulse, sequential impulses, analgesic and excito-motory currents, electrodes, etc. But don't worry, because we are ready to solve all your doubts.

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Electrostimulation to get a firm butt: faithful results

El Mundo says that Spanish’s beauty centers have grown around 40% since 2014 in Madrid. Doing your nails, apply eyelash extensions, laser hair removal or a facial treatment are things that we have always solved with the help of a beautician.

The same occurs with your toning objectives: getting a firmer but, remove cellulite, recover my physical shape after childbirth, strong arms... We immediately thought about going to a gym.

Now, thanks to revolutionaries’ systems of electrostimulation from, aesthetic centers are becoming a new niche to fulfill these desires. Why?

Electrostimulation is fashionable. Thanks to their impulses and the wireless nature of the most modern equipment, it is possible to perform sessions with total freedom. It is possible to achieve effective results in a short period of time. Medical electrodes, automatic settings, a variety of programs, intelligence and lightness can get:

  • Slimming.
  • Tone.
  • Resistance.
  • Recovery
  • Strengthen.
  • Rehabilitate.

There are endless possibilities to get the world in shape and a variety of programs: preset, cardio, warm up, dermal, drainage, fitness, relaxation, etc. Each of them with a frequency and pulse width according to the fibers that you want to stimulate.


You don't have time to go to the gym a couple of hours a day?

We could say that one of the big advantages that has brought the electrostimulation to society is the possibility of staying in shape, although we should not confuse electrostimulation with electrofitness. Being on a hurry the whole day leaves almost no time for leisure and hobbies.

We have the handicap of a society that increasingly spend more time sitting doing a more cognitive than physical work. A society that wants quick results, and that, often, does not follow a healthy diet. But what are they doing to keep their body in shape?

What happens often is that we fall into new aesthetic treatments claiming to bring 'miraculous' results without the slightest effort. They support their theories by trivial interest as: 9 aesthetic treatments that famous people follow before the Oscars, beauty treatments which are not noticeable and make you have the face you always wanted, etc.

But something has changed...


What frequency do I need to get a firm and tight butt?

The centers with electro-stimulation devices need to be specialized and learn about this technique, if it is appropriate or not for each type of client, etc. Work the glutes, adductor, abdomen, etc. with a sense of contraction power in these muscle groups is practically impossible with voluntary exercises.

Therefore, electrical stimulation helps us to work them effectively. It uses programs with a frequency of 20 Hz and 350 microsecond pulse width. In this way, you can improve your tone without developing the muscles. However, training or the session in which you work a muscle is not only something related to electro-stimulation, but it is also about resting. If you just dedicate yourself to train, train, train and train without resting, your butt will not respond effectively.

For a quality session, always try to rest.


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