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EMS Active Recovery: An innovative system to speed recovery


Muscle electrostimulation is the technology that so many professionals and sports centers have implanted for their training. Even elite athletes use it in their sessions.

We always advise to use electrostimulation in your training sessions no more than 20 minutes to avoid injuries. In each EMS training there are several phases and one of them is the resting phase, in which, for a few minutes, the muscle recovers. In those minutes is where EMS Active Recovery comes into play. With that recovery time, you will avoid muscle overload and it can guarantee the success of the training session.

This novel i-motion system gives specific boosts in your muscles so that they don't overload. In addition, while your muscles recover, with those impulses we get your metabolism to work more. Therefore, we can say that the main features of EMS Active Recovery are:

  • Active, non-passive recovery system.
  • System that provides specific impulses that do not overload muscles.
  • System that allows your metabolism to work harder because the impulses stimulate it.


What does i-motion guarantee you with its innovative system?

It guarantees you greater and better muscle recovery without the need for you to invest more time in your training sessions. With this system, we prevent injuries and your muscles from overloading. Of the 20 minutes a muscle electrostimulation workout should last, 25% of the time is for the rest phase, in which muscle recovery takes place.

I-motion guarantees the maximum use of your EMS training session. It's 20 minutes, although it's a short time, those minutes go a long way. It is an active muscle recovery system that other EMS workouts cannot offer.

5 benefits of the EMS Active Recovery System

Many trainers have already implemented this system to their EMS workouts. This recovery system turns out to be one of this year's innovations. One of the most important innovations of the i-motion team along with the development of the Smart EMS Software system and the EMS Sequential Impulses. But... what are its benefits?


  • Relaxation of muscles, reduced muscle pain and anxiety: Thanks to the segregation of substances such as enkephalins and endorphins. This segregation is caused by the impulses generated by the system during the rest phase.
  • More effective workouts and better physical condition in a fitness level: With this recovery system, workouts can be better, and you can get greater results. The client’s workout can be more comfortable and ensures the success of the training session.
  • Increased blood flow and venous return: Don't worry, blood pressure and heart rate are not increased during this workout, but blood flow will be increased. Also, you'll notice how you feel relief in your legs, and you won't notice them so heavy. Why does that happen? Because the venous return also increases, leading to drainage the legs and feel lighter.
  • Improved extension and flexion of your muscle chains: What gives you a relaxing effect as well as reduce the tension that will allow you to move better.
  • Reduced muscle fatigue: Having a high lactate level allows increases the muscle fatigue. However, training with this EMS device from imotion-ems.com and this EMS Active Recovery system help reduce that rate. So, your muscle fatigue will be reduced too.


Do you want to try for yourself this technique and discover the advantages of this innovative system? Request a demo! It's a new method to optimize your EMS training sessions and get better results.

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