électrostimulation electrostimulation to prevent injuries

Electrostimulation to prevent injuries


Electrostimulation is a technique increasingly used, both strengthen muscles and to recover them after a time of immobility or even to prevent some lesions. If you are wondering how the electrostimulation can be effective to prevent injuries, this is the appropriate article!

Are there any injuries that can be avoided?

First of all, we must bear in mind that there are numerous types of injuries. We can speak, for example, of an accidental twist of an ankle, a bad movement or even a fall. That is to say, you cannot do anything to avoid this type of injuries that happen by chance. In any case, keep in mind that having more muscles can minimize the consequences that these accidents can bring.

On the other hand, if a correct diet is performed regularly, you have a good rest, you train properly and, above all, the body is properly hydrated, it is easier to avoid dreaded muscle injuries.

What is muscle electrostimulation?

Muscular electrostimulation es una is a technique that involves the use of an electrical impulse with the appropriate frequency and intensity parameters, in order to achieve muscle contraction. The electrical impulses that are used resemble those that the central nervous system sends in the contraction of the muscles.

You work with this technique through a suit that covers most of the body and its most important muscles. In addition, there are several electrodes placed in the appropriate places for electrostimulation. The suit is connected to an equipment that contains different training programs that activate muscle fibers that are not activated in a conventional training.

Advantages of electrostimulation

Using electrostimulation presents a lot of benefits for your muscular health. Let's see some of the most important:

- It helps to strengthen muscles.

- It helps to prevent muscle atrophy.

- It is used both in rehabilitation therapies, and to treat different muscle pathologies.

- It is very useful also in the treatment of pain and muscle contractures.

- It allows to train the muscles in a deeper, selective way and without fatigue.

- It can increase strength and, therefore, also joint stability.

- Finally, another of the most interesting advantages is the comfort it provides during its use.

How does electrostimulation work to prevent injuries?

The body has a series of defense mechanisms that activate when it approaches its limit. These mechanisms make you train more slowly to avoid breaking and manifest itself mainly with pain and fatigue.

When you train to the limit, doing many series and trying to improve performance, the risk of suffering an injury due to overtraining increases. As a result, it is increasingly difficult for your body to recover.

On the other hand, all this mechanism makes your fitness improve when you plan to overcome the limits of fatigue.

Electrostimulation to prevent injuries, the ideal complement to physical exercise

Let's take a few examples: think of a tennis player who develops more the arm and the part of the body that he uses more, or a cyclist who works much more the lower part than the superior one and who in some cases do not have just volume in the upper part of the body. The same thing, but the other way around, happens when in a gym you work out only the upper part forgetting about the lower one.

This, in addition to being an aesthetic decompensation, supposes even a muscular decompensation. It can lead to a much more favorable situation for injuries.

In such a situation, using an electrostimulation equipment can help compensate the problem. The electrical stimulation facilitates that this compensation is achieved very quickly and with less effort, so that progression and advancement will be perceived in a very short period of time.

The key to using an electrostimulation device in your training is that the body does not get stressed the way it does with voluntary training. It is ideal to obtain more explosiveness, strength, resistance and also to relax the interested area.

When electrostimulation is used correctly in a workout, it is done at an intensity that exceeds voluntary training. The threshold of muscular resistance is usually exceeded and this causes stiffness.

In a workout of these characteristics, muscle fatigue does not limit training, but rather the sensation of pain and intensity. As a result, the muscles will be stronger and more resistant, which favors fatigue or tiredness to be delayed. In this way the probability of suffering a muscle injury induced by lack of training is reduced.

To conclude and compile all the information on electrostimulation to prevent injuries, we can say that it is a very effective method, faster than conventional exercise and that it requires less investment of time.


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