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what-benefits-do-athletes-get-from-electrostimulation electrostimulation Sport

What benefits do athletes get from electrostimulation?

There are many reasons to use electro-stimulation, but not every single one of them have the same weight. Everything depends on your final objective.…
advantages-electrostimulation-aesthetics electrostimulation Aesthetics

Science proves the advantages of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics

Reference to electrostimulation has been made from the 18th century. Thousands of years ago, the world discovered certain advantages of these…
how-to-generate-a-motor-response Health

How to generate a motor response

The techniques used to get a motor response are not new. They have been used since hundreds of years ago and its use is growing in the field of…
the-influence-of-electrical-muscle-stimulation-on-elite-athletes electrostimulation Sport

The influence of electrical muscle stimulation on elite athletes

Over the years, people feel how our physical performance is reduced. The risk of injury increases and the body cannot do the same things that 20…
ems-effective-to-get-rid-arms-flab electrostimulation Aesthetics

EMS, is it effective to get rid of arms flab?

Electrostimulation possibilities are endless. Society still has many doubts about this technique, for example, what kind of electrostimulation is the…
International-Sports-&-Fitness-(ISF) copia Press

i-motion presents its Smart EMS software in Dubai

The International Sports & Fitness (ISF) Middle East in Dubai is the leading trade show for sports, fitness and health. i-motion moves to the Middle…
professionals-who-use-electro-stimulation Sport Entrenamiento EMS

Professionals who use electro-stimulation

We are sure you have already heard of this technique, and it doesn't surprise us. Electrostimulation came to our lives back in 600 BC, or even…
electrostimulation-can-be-used-to-relief-pain medical electrical stimulation Health

Electrostimulation can be used to relief pain

First of all, we want to remind you that electrical stimulation can help you prevent an injury, but if you are one of those who have not joined this…
why-is-electrical-muscle-stimulation-a-trend electrostimulation Aesthetics

Why is electrical muscle stimulation a trend?

Who could imagine that electro-stimulation would reach aesthetics? Why are more and more professionals interested in electrical stimulation?
work-one-muscle-group-ems-training-1 Electrostimulation musculaire EMS training

Can I work one muscle group at a time with EMS Training?

The answer to this single question could only be “Yes”, and in this post we're going to tell you how you can do it. Physical trainers are health…
what-do-you-do-to-avoid-muscular-irritation electrostimulation therapy Technology Health

What do you do to avoid muscular irritation?

Muscle irritation is to human beings the same as a lightning strike to a tree. This cramp or muscle inflammation causes intense pain in the body.…
Fibo_2019_red-1 electrostimulation Sport Press

i-motion presents the latest innovations in FIBO 2019

April becomes a technological month thanks to the i-motion EMSelectrostimulation. The company is willing to share their latest developments at the…
electrostimulation-adopts-wellness-purposes electrostimulator Aesthetics

Electrostimulation adopts wellness purposes

Finding the balance point between physical and mental well-being is a complicated, but it is a possible task for many people. For this reason,…
the-use-of-electrostimulation-in-the-sports-scenarios electrostimulation Sport

The use of electrostimulation in the sports scenarios

Possibly you also have wondered if electrostimulation in sports works. You may have dared to check it by yourself, sitting you in front of it, face…
why-physiotherapists-choose-electrostimulation medical electrical stimulation Health

Why physiotherapists choose electrostimulation?

Let us start this post with three definition. The first, technology is a constant promise because of its skills and because it is carried out by the…
i-motion_blog_La_importancia_que_damos_a_la_estetica Aesthetics

The importance we place on aesthetics

Have you ever wondered why we believe that someone is beautiful? What neuron moves our brain to think in that way? Are their facial features? Are…
i-motion_blog_La_tecnologia_en_el_entrenamiento_de_los_preparadores_fisicos Technology Sport

The role of technology for personal trainers

Ensuring a safe workout is sometimes a difficult task. For a personal trainer or a physical trainer this is the basis of their work. It is the way in…
i-motion_blog_en_que_consiste_la_tecnica_de_la_electroestimulacion électrostimulation Health

What does electrostimulation entail?

I-motion EMS have felt the connection between the electrostimulation technique and the human body because they are two parts connected by a thread of…
i-motion_blog_Como_usar_electroestimuladores_EMS_para_gemelos_01-1 Press

i-motion is ready to attend the Body Fitness Paris fair

The electrostimulation’s company, i-motion EMS, is ready to attend the Body Fitness fair from Friday, March 15th to Sunday, March 17th held in France…
i-motion_blog_la_electroestimulacion_deportiva_en_espana electrostimulation Sport

Electrostimulation for sports in Spain

Electrical stimulation is not new. We are facing an ancient phenomenon, although for many it still sounds like something recent. As humans, we love…
Open day imotion Open Day México Press

i-motion EMS moves electrostimulation to the heart of Mexico

Clients and technology come together to test the most modern side of electro-stimulation and its applications in the field of sport, physiotherapy…
entrenamiento-EMS-1 électrostimulation

EMS Training: solve your doubts

Electrostimulation, as we well know, is not without controversy. Therefore, as professionals in the sector, we want to shed light on all the doubts…
i-motion_blog_Como_usar_un_electroestimulador_para_la_espalda_01 électrostimulation electrostimulator for back pain

How to use an electrostimulator for back pain and feel relief

Back problems are one of the most common pathologies throughout the world. The physiotherapy practices receive visits during the month from a…
i-motion_blog_Como_usar_electroestimuladores_EMS_para_gemelos_01-1 électrostimulation electrostimulation for the gastrocnemius muscles

How to use EMS electrostimulation for the gastrocnemius muscles

Electrostimulation has become a great ally for many people in recent years. Whether they are professionals or sports enthusiasts, everyone who uses…
i-motion_blog_Para_que_sirvela_electroestiumulacion_en_rehabilitacion électrostimulation electrostimulation in rehabilitation

What is electrostimulation in rehabilitation for?

The use of electrostimulation in rehabilitation has meant a great advance in the recovery of both sports and other origins injuries. In…
i-motion_blog_Como_entrenar_con_electroestimulador_consejos_para_deportistas électrostimulation training with muscle electrostimulator

How to train with muscle electrostimulator: tips for athletes

One of the most interesting features of a muscle electrostimulator is its ability to help the athlete to optimize his training time. Knowing how to…
electroestimulacion-electrofitness électrostimulation electrofitness

What are the differences between electrostimulation and electrofitness?

Among the common doubts raised by those who think about using EMS equipment to get in shape, is what are the differences between electrostimulation…
i-motion_blog_Como_utilizar_un_electroestimulador_muscular électrostimulation muscle electrostimulator

How to use a muscle electrostimulator?

The use of a muscle electrostimulator is simple, but it has some particularities that it is essential to know before use. It is not enough to connect…
i-motion_blog_Como_elegir_un_electroestimulador_claves_a_tener_en_cuenta électrostimulation electrostimulator

How to choose an electrostimulator? : Keys to consider

Are you thinking about buying an electrostimulation equipment? You probably have doubts about how to choose the right electrostimulator. This short…
electroestimulacion-estetica cellulite électrostimulation

Keys to electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics

The use of electrostimulation in the field of aesthetics is growing. Thanks to the excellent results achieved in issues such as the fight against…
electroestimulacion-mejorar-circulacion-sanguinea électrostimulation electrostimulation to improve blood circulation

Electrostimulation: your ally to improve blood circulation

Electrostimulation is a type of technique used to work the muscles with electrical impulses. This resource is used as a complement to the physical…
electroestimulacion-para-prevenir-lesiones électrostimulation electrostimulation to prevent injuries

Electrostimulation to prevent injuries

Electrostimulation is a technique increasingly used, both strengthen muscles and to recover them after a time of immobility or even to prevent some…
electroestimulacion-varices-tratamiento-eficaz électrostimulation varicose veins

Electrostimulation and varicose veins: an effective treatment to reduce your discomfort

The presence of varicose veins is very common especially in women and usually occurs in the lower part of the body, especially in the legs. In…
electroestimulacion-para-celulitis cellulite électrostimulation

Electrostimulation for cellulite, is it effective?

Cellulite is one of the aesthetic problems that affects more people in the world regardless of their weight, especially women. In fact, it is…
i-motion_blog_gimnasios électrostimulation gym with Electro-stimulation

Gym with Electro-stimulation: 8 advantages to differentiate yourself

Electro-stimulation is a type of training that combines conventional exercise with controlled electrical impulses that are used for sports, medical…
electroestimulacion-estres-liberar-tensiones Electro-stimulation to combat stress électrostimulation

Electro-stimulation to combat stress and release tension

The Electro-stimulation to fight stress is very effective. Interestingly, it is one of the lesser known utilities of this technology, despite…
imotion1 électrostimulation myths about Electro-stimulation

6 myths about Electro-stimulation

There are many half-truths and myths about electrostimulation with regard to issues such as its benefits, indications, contraindications and others.…
imotion-2-1 électrostimulation get in shape fast after pregnancy with Electrofitn

How to get in shape fast after pregnancy with Electrofitness

With pregnancy, the body has a number of changes that must return to normal after giving birth. Getting in shape before and after pregnancy is…
i-motion_blog_Contraindicaciones_de_la_electroestimulacion électrostimulation

Contraindications of electrostimulation you should know

  If you wish to do general EMS training, you should first check with a doctor. A medical check-up can exclude possible contraindications.
i-motion_blog_fibo FIBO 2018 Events smart EMS Software

I-motion presents the new Intelligent EMS Software in FIBO 2018!

The i-motion team will once again attend the FIBO Global Fitness 2018 edition from April 12 to 15 in Cologne, Germany, the leading international fair…
i-motion_blog_Tipos_de_Negocio_que_Pueden_Beneficiarse électrostimulation muscle electrostimulation

Types of business that can benefit from electrostimulation

The muscle electrostimulation or EMS, is the application of an electrical impulse on the muscle. It is a medical method used as rehabilitation of…
i-motion_blog_La_electroestimulacion_sirve_para_adelgazar électrostimulation lose weight

Is electrostimulation used to lose weight?

  The muscles burn calories with activity: the more the activity, the more the calories burnt. An electrical stimulation vest helps you use energy…
i-motion_blog_Beneficios_del_Chaleco_de_Electroestimulacion vest

Characteristics and benefits of the electrostimulation jacket

  The electrical stimulation vest is a tool that is used as part of the technique for training with electrical stimulation, which is becoming quite…
i-motion_blog_Funciona_la_electroestimulacion_para_los_gluteos électrostimulation

Does electrostimulation work for your buttocks?

  Electrical muscle stimulation is a technique that strengthens and repairs the fibres. This technique involves an electrical pulse that contracts…
8_Principales_Indicadores_de_la_Electroestimulacion_Medica électrostimulation medical electrical stimulation

Main features of medical electrostimulation

  As in previous publications on electrical stimulation, we’ll explain how this technique can be effectively used.
7_Electroestimulacion_Grupal électrostimulation group electrical stimulation Technology

i-motion: group electrostimulation with unlimited number of participants

  i-motion offers the possibility of multi-group electrical stimulation training. With two training programmes, i-motion can custom design your…
i-motion_blog_suelo_pelvico_01 pelvic floor

Strengthen the pelvic floor thanks to electrostimulation

Urinary incontinence occurs most frequently in women and involves a loss of bladder control. It is due to weakened pelvic floor muscles, which causes…
Lo-ultimo-en-estimulaciones-sin-cables-1 électrostimulation EMS suit Suit

i-motion: the latest in wireless electrostimulation

With i-motion, the revolution of electrostimulation training has arrived: the electrostimulation equipment without wires.
i-motion_blog_16 électrostimulation EMS

Electric muscle stimulator: is it safe and effective?

EMS is electrostimulation performed on the whole body, so that the contraction of more than 350 muscles occurs at the same time.